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The Journal of Diabetic Foot Complications is a peer-review, open access journal that follows the guidelines set forth by the ICMJE. Manuscripts are accepted by electronic submission. Original manuscripts are welcome for publication in this format. Manuscripts are accepted by electronic submission only. Original manuscripts are welcome for publication in this format. Manuscripts that are in consideration of publication elsewhere will not be accepted. By submitting your articles to The Journal of Diabetic Foot Complications, you grant this site copyright to reproduce the work and images in electronic format (via internet, CD-ROM , or paper versions) derived from this site; otherwise, the author retains full copyright to the images and associated written work. All articles must be submitted in English or translated into English before review. Articles should be sent as a Microsoft Word document for editorial review. You can email the word document to our contact email ( Please do not format or embed photos in your word document. You must send them by email seperately. Articles for submission should include a title, author and associated authors’ names, hospital and/or program affiliations, keywords and email contacts. The body of the work should be in Journal format including: Abstract, introduction, clinical or case presentation, discussion, comments and conclusion. The format can have variations on this theme. Please send the article as a *.doc file using Microsoft Word and write the article format is TIMES NEW ROMAN with references in SUPERSCRIPT for the body of the manuscript. References should be listed in the following format: Author’s last name, first initial, multiple authors as et al, Title of article, Journal, year published, Volume , Number in italics, and page numbers. g. Jude EB, Selby PL, Burgess J, et al. Bisphosphonates in the treatment of Charcot neuroarthropathy: a double-blind randomised controlled trial. Diabetologia 2001;44:2032-7. You may encrypt or imbed internet resources within the word document. At the end of the reference, please type or copy and paste the website link URL of your online source reference. There is no limitation to the length of articles for submission, however the editors prefer articles which represent quality over quantity. Article content can include the following:

  • Case Presentations, case reports or case studies including surgical, dermatological, trauma, surgical complications, vascular, diabetes or any other topic relevant to the diabetic foot and its complications.
  • Literary review style articles.
  • Surgical techniques.
  • Surgical product and instrumentation presentations as they relate to procedures.
  • Office procedures of interest.
  • Retrospective & Prospective hospital or institutional studies.

PHOTOS: We encourage pictures and illustrations that are original in format. There is no size contraint to your photos. Photos derived from other sources such as the world wide web must have written consent to republish. We prefer photos over 1MB in size. Set your digital camera to 1MB minimum when photographing your case presentations. In fact, 1MB to 8MB pictures are encouraged for digital detail. Digital photos will be resized and formated during the editing process. DO NOT RESIZE YOUR PHOTOS BEFORE EDITING OR SENDING THEM BY EMAIL, THIS WILL GREATLY DECREASE THE QUALITY OF YOUR PHOTOS. AGAIN, IT IS PREFERED THAT PHOTOS are NOT EMBEDDED IN YOUR WORD DOCUMENT. All photos must be sent in JPEG format with high resolution. Again, please do not imbed the JPEG pictures to your article, and send them by email separately with your word document. Include information in the word document with the photos describing a one or two- sentence explanation of each picture or figure. Each photo should be attached and labeled as a figure. Reference each photo with a figure number in your word document to correspond with your picture. We encourage many photos to accompany your article. The more color photos you send to illustrate the main points of your article, the better. Once received, your manuscript will be sent to our online editors for review. Once reviewed, your article will be published in a journal- like format including both HTML and PDF formats. You will be notified by email when the article is uploaded to the site.

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