About Us

Welcome to the The Journal of Diabetic Foot Complications. We anticiptate that many of the articles published on this site will come from a variety of sources including private practice, residency programs and hospital institutions. The journal is actively looking for articles concerning the diagnosis and medical/surgical management of the diabetic foot. The journal will go on-line and begin publishing articles in 2009. This project is a concerted effort to establish an internet journal that to allow rapid access to information when submitted. The journal will begin accepting articles immediately. The journal will edit and publish original manuscripts as they become available. This site is designed as an open-ended resource of online information for Podiatrists, Foot & Ankle Orthopaedists, Residents, Externs, Students and the general public. This journal is modeled after the unique Foot and Ankle Onlin Journal. Electronic presentation of material has its advantages over the cost and time constraint of paper publishing. If you’re looking up information on the internet, this site will provide the entire article, not just the abstract. The entire article is available in HTML and PDF format presentation. Typically, publishing an article through a mainstream magazine or journal can cost money and the manuscript may take many months of review and editing before the manuscript will be considered or even get into print. It is this sites attempt to bring you quality journal articles without a subscription fee, quick and easily over the internet without the long wait for printed material. The benefits include rapid, full and free access to journal quality articles. We hope you enjoy this platform. It is the sites goal to provide free and useful information that can be shared within the various professions that manage the diabetic foot. It is also our attempt to bridge information between various professions such as Podiatry, Foot & Ankle orthopaedics and a variety of other medical disciplines. This platform is a unique site to allow residents and private practitioners to submit interesting case studies or information relevant to the diabetic foot.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor Robert G. Frykberg, DPM, MPH Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center Phoenix, AZ 85012.
Lee C. Rogers, DPM Director; Amputation Prevention Center at Broadlawns Medical Center, 1801 Hickman Road, Des Moines, IA 50314.